Strings: home
Spring 2013

Made in conjunction with Strings: HUman in the spring of 2013, Strings: home is an installation reflecting on deconstruction/reconstruction as an exploration of space, the objects that reside in that space, and their interactive relationship with the human who calls this space home.

reaching from floor to wall, extending its furthest touch to ceiling and surrounding walls, the only space that remains untouched is the fourth wall. This vantage point is the only place that allows a viewer to take in the installation in its entirety, but also prevents the viewer from direct, first-hand [pun intended] interaction with any of its respective parts. 

The memory-laden textiles are RE-PURPOSED possessions: once serving as a home for the human form, these textiles take on an evolved form through destruction and conversion - a process both natural and inherent to the ceaselessly looping cycles of life.

we can only ever create  or be  permutations of the predicated foundation from which they stem.